Thursday, September 6, 2012

Addilee's first day of kindergarten.

Addilee's first day of kindergarten was Aug 22. She has half a day and the afternoon class. She loves school her teacher and her class. She's super social able and loves every minute of it. She's learning a lot and is excited to learn more. I cant believe she is old enough to go to school. She's growing way to fast.

Patton's first day of Preschool.

Patton's first day of preschool was Tues Aug 21. When I picked him up from school the first thing he said to me was mom I had so much fun at school. I was so happy he enjoyed himself. He is attending the same school that Addilee went to. He is excited to go to school everyday he goes.

Addilee's first lost tooth.

Well Addilee lost her first tooth on Aug 17. She had been working it loose for a couple of weeks but she had it so loose it was barely hanging on so I pulled it out. It didn't even hurt when I pulled it out. The tooth fairy brought her a sparkly dollar for her tooth. She was super excited when she woke up and it was under her pillow. Yay tooth fairy good job!

Orrin Rockwell Hall

Welcome to the family Orrin Rockwell Hall. We going to call him Rockwell. He was born on August 3. At 6:57 p.m.Weighing in at 7 lbs 3 oz. 19 1/2 inches long. We were so happy that he was a boy to even out our family. He is such a little sweetheart and a blessing to our family. We all adore him to pieces. He is a great baby and easy so far. I have 3 great little helpers sometimes a little to much help. Glad he joined our family.

Tonopah NV.

We took a drive to Tonopah NV for a day. Ben had a job interview there. So of course we took the extraterrestrial highway. It was pretty cool to see some of the things that are along the highway. It definitely  was a long lonely road. The kids thought the missals and aliens were cool to look at.

Memorial Day Weekend.

We went camping for memorial day weekend. We had lots of fun what a great way to start the summer. We love to go camping and fishing. Patton caught a lizard and was pretty excited about it. We went fishing and the kids caught some small fish but still had fun.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Watching the Eclipse.....

We went down to Beryl to watch the Eclipse with some friends and a whole bunch of other people. I borrowed a welding helmet from someone that was there to take the pictures with. We all had some glasses to watch it with it was a pretty cool experience. The last time it happened in the United States was in 1994. I remember watching it then my school teacher brought a welding helmet for our class to watch it through. The way it effects things is pretty cool. The shadows were awesome to watch and so miscued. I've seen some pretty cool pictures that people had taken but I think the ones I got are just as cool. Addilee thought it was cool to see the moon in front of the sun.